Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Tarzan Me Jane

Complete this sentence.

Men are from _______ , women are from _______.

In the midst of planning a simple domestic outing, I was told  : make sure you get directions.

Which I did, over the phone when I called to make a booking. The friendly voice on the other end of the line gave basic directions, and said it'd be hard to miss since there's a massive landmark just before entering their village. 

And I said to her : well thank you, I am sure we won't get lost, because we kind of have been around that area before. Anyway, in the unfortunate event that we do get lost, I am sure we can ask around.

*insert cute chuckle* (hers, not mine)

When I told my sidekick I've made the booking, I was asked : Did you ask for a map?


I said : It's not like we're going to New York, you know. This is way in the boonies. A small town, a few rows of shops. One main road. Do you think they have a map?

My point is :

The male species would rather be lost than ask for directions. They'd rather wrestle with a map that keeps flapping in their faces than admit defeat.

I, on the other hand, don't mind being lost, but I will definitely ask a lot of questions to anyone along the way.

Finally, when the mighty alpha male Tarzan concedes, they'll indirectly, nonchalantly ask us to do the asking.

I'll bet you ten bucks on that.


  1. I don't ask for directions. ;) But that's because I absolutely believe that the fun part is getting there, and getting lost in the process.

  2. LT - Yupp, it's all about the journey, we'll end up somewhere eventually :)