Monday, May 11, 2009

Flying Solo

With eight leisure trips so far since end of last year, I feel that I'm getting used to this solo-travel thingy.

I guess I've psyched myself up quite well by reading and googling up all I need to know to prepare myself for the destination, especially in terms of safety and what's a solo traveller to do. I never take for granted the possible peculiarities of any place and pretend to be a savvy, well-travelled girl. Not even local destinations in Malaysia or even Sabah

Yes, there are pros and cons.

The biggest pro is having your freedom to do anything you wish during your holiday. Bliss! No long discussions and arguments and compromises about the whats, whens, wheres, whos and hows.

One of the cons is that some hotels charge you extra for single occupancy and tour packages usually need a minimum of 2 pax, otherwise there's a surcharge. This upsets me big time. GAH

I don't mind dining alone in restaurants, in fact it can be a lot less stressful coz I get to eat whenever, whatever, wherever I want. I am comfortable having my meals (or my coffee) in solitude, thank you.

But I guess what affects me most and makes me miss the company of others during travels is when I encounter a beautiful scenery, an awesome view, or an interesting event... and there's no one to share it with.

So, what's a girl to do?

Grin and bear it, of course.



I actually start talking to myself in my head, and appreciate the opportunity to be present there, at that point in time.

Having said that, once in a while, having a travel buddy is great. For me, mostly it's because you will have someone to talk to, to have conversations with. Someone to take pictures for you (important this!), and with you. Also, someone you can split certain expenses with especially for transportation.

Thing is, not everyone makes a good travel buddy. Because we all have our own idiosyncrasies, as much as you'd like to claim to be very normal and ordinary. Yes, including me. 

Hmm, so what criteria makes a good travel buddy? 

I'll go back to my cave and dwell on that.


  1. Ahh so now you too have a travel blog!!..Good to know auds. I read some entries in here and i must say i pretty much have the same say when it comes to traveling...except that i think i'm more the 'cincai-come-what-may' girl when I travel. I will now sign in as follower of this blog.

  2. hi debs you're back!

    I think there's an Ian Wright hiding in our Samantha Brown dreams, something like that :)