Monday, May 25, 2009

Better Safe Than Sorry (or, Don't Get Too Drunk or Too Angry)

Sometimes what I read about travelling to other countries make me worry. About how things can get out of control. Or how unexpected things can happen. To anyone.

Like this incident in Phuket actually happened the days I was there recently. I even passed by the Aussie Pub the next day. Charged for 'stealing a rubber souvenir bar mat'? Huh? I know people who used to 'take' the salt and pepper shakers AND tomato and chilli bottles from Shakey's Pizza* and KFC**, respectively. Heck, sometimes they were daring enough to 'borrow' some a full set of cutlery, too.

So, you know, be careful, don't get too crazy when you want to let your hair down. I think the court did not accept being trashed i.e. highly intoxicated, nor it being a practical joke, as the explanation in this case.

Oh, here's another case. This one is scary coz it's like 'a ghost from their past'.

And another one . Here, the lesson is, don't be disrespectful, insulting or rude to any officials of any authority. But can you take any action against your own government for not providing the correct information about your passport's validity in the first place? Poor guy. 

I wonder if these recent cases really has to do with the tourism downturn in Thailand as is claimed in one of the articles. 

I hope not. Coz Thailand really is a nice place for travellers.

And I hope this won't worry me too much to chicken out from travelling.

*this outlet is the one at the basement/LG of BB Plaza. I'm sorry, I guess I was an accomplice then, my role was to keep quiet.
**this one was in Sg Wang Plaza, the million dollar KFC outlet. Too busy a place for anyone to notice. I was not involved. Honest, swear to God.

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  1. I've been guilty of taking blankets and pillows from the plane :-)

    Great blog btw!