Friday, May 15, 2009

Say Cheeze Whizz

Hopping here and there in the blogosphere reading about travelling adventures, I must say most of the blogs feature great pictures. Which, with good captions, help to tell the story better.

I travel with my Pentax Optio, which is good enough for me, for now. And I haven't mastered all its functions, even after 2 years..hmmph.

Man, I know I suck at taking pictures. Tested and proven. I've got shaky hands, apparently. Pictures always come out blurry. Or subject not 'centered'. Something like that. Or too far. Or too small.

So that's why I did not jump on to the dSLR bandwagon like almost half the people I know. I would love to get one for myself, doesn't matter whichever brand. I do have a liking for a certain bright yellow colour though.

So you know now why I have so many pictures of my feet. 
(No, I don't have a fetish) They're the easiest to take!

I think I need to learn how to use my timer function first, as it will come in handy when on solo travels. I'm not so much into taking hundreds of pictures anyway, recently in Phuket I stopped and cut down after 2 days. It felt .. hmm, I'm not sure. It felt like a chore.

Maybe, (maybe!), one day, if (when) I'm lucky enough to travel the world over, I won't need to rely on too many Kodak moments for the memories. I will rely on my reckless grey cells and my beating heart for lasting impressions, and have the moments imprinted for as long as it can hold on.

After all, for me, being there - present in all faculties, soaking in all the vibes, seeing people, things and places, with your eyes and not behind the lens - is what makes travelling exciting.

Having said that, I hope to pick up some skills soon so I won't be such a klutz anymore.

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