Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Pockets of Phuket - Part 2 (Patong)

I walked the whole length of the main road to find a good place to stay. I've already decided against anything that looked even a little bit sleazy. After an hour traipsing with my backpack, I stumbled upon @White Patong, a newish hotel on Soi Sansabai, literally just next to JungCeylon. I liked the clean, spacious, practical room and did not hesitate to take it on the spot as by now I was tired and needed a hot shower and a good afternoon nap. 

I stayed here for 2 nights. @White Patong on Soi Sansabai.

My nice, comfy deluxe room :)

Across the street from the hotel, was The Marley and the Indian Curry Club. Nicely themed, yet hardly any patrons? I wonder why. Many of the other shops are also like that, hardly any guests. The ones most popular are the bars, obviously. Many, many old men sitting at the bar, drinking beer, with and without a female companion.

Walking the streets of Patong Beach.

The beach, not much to say I think.

A reminder of things past.

Pickup trucks promoting Muay Thai.

Ronald - Sawadeekap !- welcoming patrons to the Golden Arches.

HRC - Opening later this year.

At JungCeylon.

A scary looking alien metalwork for sale.

Carrefour staff performing some kind of welcoming-thank you dance and song?

Seat 277 from Highbury, at the Arsenal Store. No, I didn't buy anything :(

At first I thought they were selling honey in bottles ;P

Frangipani is known as Leelavadee in Thai :)

The loud, pulsating nightlife on Bangla Road - I hardly took pictures and even this turned out blurry.

For me, Patong is just alright. I guess it's more suited to those looking to party hard and push the boundaries of merry-making to the absolute limits. Men drinking till morning, walking barefoot, shirtless, beer bottle in hand. Old Caucasian men with young local girls. Pretty girls who most likely turn out to be boys - hard to tell sometimes until you notice their adam's apples ;); the boobs look real. 

I had a good relaxing time going through JungCeylon and other shops; made some purchases, got a facial, a haircut, a massage, a pedicure. All for reasonable prices.

Left in the wee hours of Tuesday morning for the airport for my flight back. Delayed by 30 mins due to some passengers having problems and they had to offload their luggage. Duh.

I may consider going to Phuket again, not so soon though.

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