Friday, May 8, 2009

Travel Gear and Stuff

In my recent travels I have relied on my High Sierra backpack as my main travel bag. I like the fact that it's expandable so I can cram any last minute stuff inside on the return flight. Got that one real cheap in KLCC. I know I still want a proper backpack for longer durations.

So, I invested in these last week in Phuket:

Deuter Futura Pro 38. Spent almost 2 hours agonising over which one to choose coz there were so many! In the end it was a toss between a Futura 34 SL in black, or a Futura Pro 38 in cobalt. Went for the latter. Gotta rethink how I pack next time I use it as it is a toploader. And I stopped myself from buying a matching washbag coz I already have a brandless - in black and orange - squarish, roomy one from Guardian for only RM17.   

FeelFree Dry Bag 10 ltr and Ocean Pack Dry Bag 5 ltr. Finally got these for all those wet days and water-related outings. I thought yellow was a bit common, so got them in black and dark green.

Teva Hurricane Sandals - Green, Size 6. These were not on the shopping list, but since they were 50% off I couldn't say no, and besides they had my size, the last pair! I'll still use my brown FOS flipflops, which now have travelled with me everywhere I've been in the past one year.

All items were on sale in JungCeylon at unbeatable prices. Dang, come to think of it I should have bought more of other stuff that were on sale. But the thought of excess luggage and of having to deal with more than 2 bags on the flight back kept me grounded in reality. Good girl.

I guess my shopping list for travel gear and stuff stops here for now, I think I've got everything I need.

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