Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free and Easy

I like this Paul Theroux interview on TravelHappy. 

Have not read any of his books yet. Maybe I will try to flip through some and see whether 'we click' (or not).

"Discomfort, pain, and anxiety are probably the core of a good trip. If you have an easy time of it, you're having a vacation. If you're really suffering, then you're travelling".

Eh? I won't subject myself to abject suffering just to call it travelling, but will allow myself the little comforts and luxuries as and when I want to.

Nevertheless, I like his idea of poring over maps, and prefering overland travel. That's perfect for those with time to spare and in no rush to catch up with .. plans. Schedules. Or return departure dates. The truest definition of 'free and easy'.

Which brings to mind, a sabbatical would be awesome. With every thing taken care of so you won't need to worry while you're away. 

That's another story altogether.

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