Friday, May 22, 2009

My Ultimate Packing List - Clothing

At last, the final in my series : My Ultimate Packing List - featuring Clothing.

Standard List:
1. Cotton tees
2. Shorts
3. Cargo long pants - for the outward and return flights
4. Cargo shorts or denim skirt - depends on destination
4. Old, faithful comfy tee and shorts - for sleeping
5. Towel - medium thickness
6. Sarong - doubles up as a 'beach/floor mat', extra 'blanket', or pillow 'cover'
7. Undies
8. Socks - in case it gets too cold at night

Beach List:
1. Swimwear
2. Light loose tee

Jungle / Trekking List:
1. Leech socks
2. Extra socks

The length of the travels determines how many tees and shorts I'd be packing. I normally bring 4 tees, 2 shorts for a 3-4 day trip. I can't remember the last time I wore my jeans on trips. Too heavy, and too hot to wear in our climate.

Rolling them up into swiss roll-like shapes is the best way to maximise space. Tried and tested. And apparently least crinkly. Undies are kept in a separate cotton string bag for easy retrieval.

I'm also thinking to be on a lookout for those lightweight, super absorbent, quick-drying, travel towels next time; don't think I can find it here in KK. Ah, so my shopping is not yet complete.

I want to buy:
1. Adidas kampung - Recommended footwear for jungle trekking. Won't break the bank :)

2. Leech socks - after my pacat incident, I want to invest in something like these.

3. The abovementioned travel towel. Only if the price is reasonable.
4. Combination locks - at least 2.

5. Wide brimmed bush hat - coz it provides better coverage than a cap. And it's foldable. 

I promise myself I won't splurge. In fact, I'll be frugal - so if anyone knows where I can get a good deal, please give a shout.


  1. Auds - re: Leech socks..i wore one when i did the Mulu Pinnacles..errr, didn't quite work least not in Borneon rainforests/jungles where it is very damp...and leeches (esp. tiger leeches) don't exactly attack/jump on you from the ground..when you think you have your legs protected from leech invasion, suddenly you'll see one hungrily sucking blood on your belly, another on the nape of your neck, etc...the leech socks does reduce opportunity for invasion, but it can add to some (although not significant) weight which can be quite inconvenient if you are doing long hours of trekking.

  2. Hi Debs - errgh, I'll do anything to reduce the probability of pacats latching on to me. You're right, they do seem to appear from nowhere..

  3. Hey auds, there are a few shops in KK selling outdoor gears (i know because i love outdoor/adventure things and always on the lookout for shops that sell them)....try checking City Parade at Centerpoint, also at centerpoint on 3rd floor just opposite the new FOS outlet...also there's one at Wawasan Plaza that's just a few steps out of Parkson, there's one or two in 1 Borneo, one in City Mall, one in Warisan Square (but not sure if they have moved due to another hotel coming up)...i think i've seen the lightweight/quick-drying towel selling at Wawasan plaza, even in city might want to check that out...oh and, you could also try to check out another outdoor gear shop at Asia City..there's one there. By the way, when i was in HK, i went in a few outdoor gear shop and went crazy...they have excellent stuff, good stuff, everything that you need for adventures..some are reasonably cheap...told myself, i must return someday soon to shop for my gears...the TEVAs are to die for!

  4. hey debs - oh i know the one next to Parkson, some quite good branded stuff but I haven't been there for ages. Will check them out. HK affordable to shop-kah?

  5. Hey auds, if you shop for winter clothes/jackets during off season, it's cheap..i saw a few that i was so tempted to buy...branded but fake ones but still the material according to my travel buddy is of very good quality...outdoor gears are so-so in price but of more variety to choose from of course....