Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When The Price is Right

I'm a bad haggler. In fact I don't really have any bargaining skills when it comes to shopping.

Which is why open market shopping sometimes intimidate me. I have friends who can haggle till the price is reduced to an acutely embarrassing amount; while I would've just slunk away after one, or at most, two best price offers from the vendor. The vendor senses my 'fear', and away flies my glimmer of hope of getting a better price.

Anyway, I refuse to haggle when I believe that the product or service on offer is worth its price, or if it is really something that is authentic, locally made; created and crafted with love and passion, and you know that the vendor may not make much from it. 

So, paying a little bit more than the absolute best price is alright by me, especially in countries where the currency is weaker. Without wanting to sound arrogant, I know I won't miss the two or three ringgit. Where service is genuine and fabulous, I leave a tip directly afterwards - rarely at dining outlets unless it's really outstanding, usually at massage spas :).

I guess it's also a way we can support the local community's economy, as they rely heavily on tourist dollars for their additional  - or for some, maybe their only - income. 

* * * 
Oh, and let me share my pic of yummy Thai desserts.

Street vendor at Ong Sim Phai Road, Phuket Town.
These were utterly scrumptious sweet and savoury pastry things, only 5 baht. I can eat a lot of these. What can we buy here with the same price? Why is Doraemon there?

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