Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Ultimate Packing List - Footwear, Accessories and Miscellaneous

Part 3 of the series - My Ultimate Packing List, featuring Footwear, Accesories and Other Miscellaneous Items:

1. Brown FOS flip flops (as pictured above)
2. A pair of socks.
3. My Adidas Gazelle, Originals or Teva - optional, only if needed.
4. Cap - either my Puma or Meridien.
5. Shades. Cheap one coz I lost my RayBans and refuse to buy branded ones anymore.
6. Bandanna.
7. Spare bag - either my FOS or my RuMe. Or both.
8. My faux moleskine and pen.
9. My slim, pocketbook calendar.
10. A book to read - which ever that's in queue.
11. Spare plastic bags (for footwear or rubbish).
12. A few small Ziplocs.
13. A few small padlocks.
14. My 'emerald' rosary.

Instead of padlocks, I am thinking to get me some combination locks so I won't need to carry any keys. I might misplace them what with my current 'amnesiatic' spell and blonde moments. Duh.

And I always carry a rosary with me in my bag. Habit? Superstitious? Don't know. It just makes me feel better and 'covered' by the Big Guy in the Sky :).

Well, the last in this so-called series will be ....tada, the wardrobe a.k.a. clothes! Coming soon!

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