Thursday, April 9, 2009

The First Bite

Hey :)

I've decided to document and treasure my stories of jalan-jalan, my little adventures here and there, and the occasional random thoughts

Why the title?

Coz I'm talking about the travel bug, which I think will probably be the main theme here. The bug with adventure in its blood. The one that bites me once in a while, more frequently in recent times. 

I wanted to call it The Dreamlife of Rand McNally (I can't help it! Jason is everywhere!), but that's been taken though. 

Will also spill my thoughts and education on becoming 'a citizen of the earth', becoming more aware of what's happening to the planet. Do good where we can, even in small baby steps.

Well, whenever my feet starts to itch, I know I've been bitten. Once again. 

Bite away!

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