Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Love RuMe

I got my RuMe bags last week from Tiny Tapir.

Front view.

Side view; gusset enables the bag to stand upright when filled up.

Roomy enough.

My favourite is the Hamptons Fall in NY - Mini, pictured above. It is roomy, and looks classy. The structured body helps to keep the bag in form. Straps were wide enough for a comfortable hang on the shoulder. I love bags which has room for all my stuff, that's why the past few years I have not used a proper handbag to work or for casual outings. I prefer to use tote bags or at least bags which have roomy compartments.

This is another Mini I got, Fifth Avenue Fall in NY. Very bohemian-chic, gypsy like. Nice! I don't have a picture of it now as my sister borrowed it, will update later. This one is a pic from the catalogue.

The Escape Silicon Valley.
I hung it on a chair since it was empty.

See how big it is.
The Escape Silicon Valley was in Regular, much bigger than I expected. And here I was wanting the Macro size! This looks like it can fit 6 shoeboxes! Yet to be tried though but I am sure it can accommodate at least that.

I am already thinking of getting some more RuMes :)

RuMe bags really don't look like reusable bags at all. And I'm thinking these actually make great gifts as well. Lightweight, compact when rolled up and not in use, machine washable, water resistant, elegant patterns, and most importantly for us girls, stylish and versatile enough for day out, or for grocery shopping! Whatever I buy I can just chuck them in the bag, so I won't need the shop's bags or other extra packaging.

If those facts haven't rocked you yet, perhaps the fact that they are made in a South Korean Fair Trade Factory will.

RuMe stands for 'Re Use Me'; so you get the idea. So we can all do something to slowly reduce our dependence on plastic bags.

My take : I love 'em!

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