Monday, April 20, 2009

My Ultimate Packing List - Toiletries

My Ultimate Packing List, The Series - featuring toiletries.

This looks like a long list, but believe me I think this is the minimum I need. Blurry picture above, emptied from my toiletries bag, from last trip in March.

1. Toothbrush. Full size. I don't like those travel-size, or cut into half thingies. 
2. Toothpaste. Small tube about 30-40 ml.
3. Shampoo. Small tube 50 ml.
4. Conditioner. Small tube 50 ml. Sometimes I bring small sample packets.
5. Face wash. Small tube 50 ml.
6. Face moisturiser. Small tube 50 ml.
7. Body Lotion. Small tube 50 ml. 
8. Sunblock for face. SPF50.
9. Sunblock for body. SPF30/50.
10. Vaseline. Small tub 50 g.
11. Dental floss.
12. Bath gel. Small bottle or tube 50 ml.
13. Small bar of soap.
14. Wet wipes. One packet.
15. Hand sanitizer. Small bottle 50 ml.
16. Shaver.
17. Tweezer.
18. Liquid foundation. One bottle.
19. Lipstick. One light pink shade.
20. Eye make-up. One.
21. Multipurpose lens solution. Travel size.
22. Lens case.
Related items :

1. Sanitary pads, if needed. 
2. Paracetamol. 
3. Handyplast/band aids.
4. Medicated Balm.
5. Small nail clipper.
6. Hair clip and scrunchie.
7. My spectacles and its case.
8. Salon Pas medicated plaster.
9. Disposable Shower Cap.
10. Some cotton buds.

All packed into a toiletry bag I got from Guardian. Makes it quite a substantial weight, perhaps almost 1 kg.

I wonder if I missed out anything?

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