Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coordinates : 5' 25' N, 115' 25' E - Bukit Naga Amanpuri, Kuala Penyu

(My first travel-related post dated 15/08/2008, in my Decaf blog. Actual visits in April and July)

Okay, so..

I'll first write about my current favourite place to take a break and do absolutely nothing, except breathe fresh, clean air. And of course, just tidur and makan, in that particular order.
Bukit Naga Amanpuri is a little slice of tranquility away from the city and is a beautiful place to destress. Too beautiful for me, in fact I feel guilty sharing this gem of a place to anyone out there who don't know about it...yet.

Best described as rustic, all basic facilities are there. Be forewarned, no TV though. Duh, who needs TV in a place like this? Most of the time I just lounged feet up at the upper deck with a cool beer/drink and a good book. There's an old hammock if you don't mind feeling tangled/strangled.

Best place to swim in the sea. Water is clean and very clear, I almost jumped out when I saw small jellyfish(es?). Fortunately was told that they were harmless. I love the outdoor shower..oh, there is an attached shower and toilet to each unit so don't worry.

Lazy mornings were spent swimming, imprinting footsteps along the white sandy beach, collecting shells and bits of washed up coral, till the sun was hot enough to burn. After that, time for a simple breakfast of coffee and toast (plain toast never tasted so good !). Then it's nap time on the upper deck. I swear I must have snored, it was that relaxing! Nap is followed by a delicious lunch prepared by the host; then lunch was preceded with another afternoon siesta.

Don't plan to do anything while you're here - just sit back, relax, eat, sleep and be happy !

Next visit I shall stay longer !

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