Monday, April 20, 2009

My Ultimate Packing List - Gadgets

My Ultimate Packing List, The Series. Featuring : Gadgets.

Funny how the first list that's finalised is for gadgets. I guess that's pretty straightforward. Here goes :

1. My Nokia handphone.
2. Handphone charger.
3. Handphone earphones.
4. Nokia USB.
5. My Pentax Optio camera.
6. Camera charger.
7. Camera USB.
8. MP3 player + earphones ** (I have trouble charging this thing. I want an iPod or something better in future) 

All bundled inside a cotton drawstring bag, except the handphone and camera of course. The one I'm using now is actually a shoe bag, courtesy from KLCC Convention Centre. Since I don't have shoes that are fancy enough to warrant them individual bags. If I had Manolos or Choos, that's a different story altogether. But why would I travel with fancy shoes in the first place? ;P

Anyway, it's good to have the cables tied with rubber bands to prevent tangling.

Alogether they are a substantial weight. Perhaps a good 700 gms or so.

Next - toiletries.

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