Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I Wear on My Feet

In finalising My Ultimate Packing Checklist I did some research on the internet. And while surfing on the subject of travel footwear, somehow I ended up in the Ipanema flipflops site, promoting Giselle Bundchen's latest designs.

Ooh, I so want this : The GB Ipanema Seeds Life Brown Sandal
Thing is, they are so pretty, and so pricey for sandals; them glorified flip flops. For the same price, I can get maybe 3 or even 4 pairs of shoes at a Vincci sale. So, I really don't know whether I should get it before my next holiday. These are available at RSH, Warisan Square and I've been eyeing them everytime I'm there to windowshop.

And just now at Watson's I saw Made in China knock offs for a quarter of the price. Gah. But I don't like knock offs. I'd rather have an original rather than a knock off or a fake one.

These days I usually wear my well-travelled brown FOS flip flops - a birthday gift, and an Ipanema Brazil pair that was on sale. Not too mention 2 Bali flipflops (er, they are somewhere in the house), and bright yellow selipar jepun from Kalabakan.

Shoes-wise, I usually wear my Adidas Gazelle or my grey trainers, and now I have my red Originals.

So do I really need another pair of sandals or shoes? 

Sometimes being indecisive has its benefits. 

I will delay this hankering for new footwear for as long as I can. 

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