Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sandakan Adventures - Part 2

Merry Christmas ! The day has gone pretty well; am now relaxing and having time for myself.

My Sandakan story  - continued in pictures. In no particular order, since I still haven't mastered this layout thing with the blog.

Arrived late at the Hotel and went up to check out Ba Lin Roof Garden.
Was pretty tired; the MAS flight was chock-full and the aircraft was smelly.

At the WWII memorial.

At the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehab Centre.

Very nice. At the War Memorial's Pavilion Building - just under the stained glass.

After a long day and before retiring,
I went up to Ba Lin again on Saturday night - 
I love this daybed. I want one.

This was earlier on Saturday night. After dinner, before shower.
Wanted to take a photo on the upper deck with the huge, bright moon in the background. This pic was taken by another fellow guest, (forgot his name), who's German and was travelling with his (gorgeous) Argentine girlfriend. After helping with my night shots (silly me haven't mastered my camera) we chatted a while about travels.

"Tangga Seribu" - when it's actually just about a hundred or so, apparently. This goes right up to the observatory point on the hill. Was advised against taking it as someone was mugged there recently, apparently. So we drove up instead.

Haha. After dinner, waiting for my flight. KKIA.

The much-hyped English Tea House. The staff were rude and unwelcoming. So I just took some pics and left without trying out the restaurant. Was told that this is quite common; they're more welcoming to white faces. So, no crocquet.

Next to the teahouse was the Agnes Keith House. 
Was late and it was already closed.
Managed to snap this pic before it got too dark. 

The Harbour Square Waterfront - wasted potential and poor use of space.

The Mighty One - reminded me of Chewbacca.

Day view of the town from Ba Lin.

St Michael's Church - the oldest church in Sabah.(?)
I need to read up my facts.

Well - that's about it for Sandakan. I can imagine visiting again in the future to explore the nooks and crannies, along the road less travelled :).

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