Monday, April 27, 2009

Off the Beaten Path - Paganakan Dii

I've found another place where I can further perfect the art of doing nothing-ness.


Paganakan Dii - which means The Family - is a tropical retreat tucked away on a small hilly ridge on the opposite side of the more well known Sepilok area.

Run by Anton, the 'village head' and a crew of friendly staff, it is perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat, away from the well-trodden path of other lodgings in the area.  

Apart from airconditioning, hot showers and WC (with a slow-closing lid!) in the duplex units, there's no other mod-cons here. So if you're someone who can't live without your mod-cons, I'm afraid this ain't no place for you.

What I like most about Paganakan is its design and concept. Have not seen anything like it before and I just love the abundant use of recycled timber everywhere. My first thought was, boy he must've hired skilled carpenters for this project. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The bed was very comfortable. My favourite feature of the duplex unit are the sliding side-doors. Cooolness! However at night, bugs are plentiful, bear in mind this place is practically in the middle of the jungle so be prepared. Ask for a mosquito net in advance :).

I love this signpost. Happy Estate, indeedy. Should've taken a pic here.
 Align Center
Communal area - dining under the stars. A simple ala-carte menu is available. I had a Ramly beef burger for dinner, of all things! 

Fuzzy shot of the breakfast patio overlooking jungle.

I call this the observation deck - facing the green jungle.

Loungers on on the deckNice place to sit around sunset time.

Path leading down from the rooms area down to the communal area.

A duplex unit like the one I stayed in - a semi detached, with attached 'open air' bathrooms :)

My room, I asked for the mozzie net to be put up instead of using a mozzie-coil.

View of front sliding door - I love the sliding doors on two sides of the unit! 

Bunk beds - each duplex unit is actually designed as a family room to accommodate at least four persons.

View from my bed looking out to the longhouse opposite.
Only managed a short, airy afternoon nap on Sunday.

Light features are all like this..

'Feature wall' out of latticed bamboo. 

Bathroom door. Note the clever use of tree branch as a hook.

Toilet paper holder - also from tree branch. Moth not included.

Fully functional toilet - with a slow closing lid! Even 5 star don't have that!

Mirror, sink, vanity, next to the shower.

Shower al-fresco. Haha. Right next to the jungle. Creepy noises all the way especially at nightI got startled every time I heard the rustling leaves :) 

Rattan hammocks under the duplex on stiltsDidn't try them out though.

Water tank tower that was climbed on Saturday eveningGreen all around. 

Looking down from a top the water tower.

Rattan swings below the longhouse.

Pathways out of wood 'plates'...

Sinks were out of iron woks, this is for the longhouse's common bathroom area.

Not much to do here at night, so it's quiet time for yourself. A simple and reasonable all day dining menu is available. Breakfast is inclusive of the rates. You can take a walk to Taman Rekreasi Jalil Alip, literally just next door, however it could do with a bit of property maintenance. Mornings are cool and sunny, perfect for taking a walk.

I love this place and put it in the same league with Amanpuri/Nagapuri, only thing is that Amanpuri has that awesome, awesome beach.

On my wishlist to be back here one day.


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