Friday, April 9, 2010

Interesting Things #99

Look at No. 9.

Does that mean it's allowed if one asks for permission?

Oh, the fixation with No. 9 is because of this man.

And I just realised, today's the 9th!


  1. huh? is that Fernando Torres? he did it with a hooker or what? Hehe. didn't know.

  2. lol.. easy to give permission what.. "hey girl, okay come in".. that's a permission! =P

  3. Apart from prostitutes and strangers, they forgot to mention vampires, cause a vampire can't come into your house unless you invite it in. Vampires are creatures with manners.

  4. JIPP - Haha! Yes of course that's FT. And no hooker in his story :)

    kenwooi - yupp, permission not denied :)

    Julie - Vampires need invitations? Phew. That's a comfort, cos I am TERRIFIED of Dracula and such neck-biting and blood sucking creatures;P