Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Angry Volcano

I'll be taking a break from travelling for a few weeks. God-willing, will pack my backpack again end of next month. Brown selipar gets to rest.

I've made the decision to forfeit two flight tickets to KL in the next few weeks, to reschedule them means extra expenses incurred. Do you know that the change fee for AirAsia is now RM90 per way? Ouch. I am only comforted by the fact that the total for the 2 tickets cost me just about the same, so it's not too painful.

Anyway, the travel crisis caused by that volcano-in-Iceland-that-has-a-long-name-I-don't-know-how-to-pronounce-it is interesting, don't you think? As of today, airports are starting to open across Europe. I asked myself, would I be angry if I were stranded like the tens of thousands in Europe as well as in other cities around the world?

Maybe - but then again, who are we to be angry at a force of nature? And see how ignorant I am, I don't even know if delays and cancellations in this kind of situation are covered by travel insurance. What are the obligations of the airlines? Are they supposed to provide you with food and lodging? (I keep thinking, no shower for days?) Good to know. Someone might have written about this already.

By the way the name of the volcano is Eyjafjallajokull. What a mouthful. I still can't pronounce it. And as we speak, volcano jokes are surfacing on the net. Bad taste? Yeah, maybe ... they are still funny though :).

Anyway, have you made any travel plans for 2011 yet? I have not, though I have India, Turkey and Australia in my wishlist.

Am t-r-y-i-n-g to get ready for the BIM in two week's time - eeek!! I'm running the 10K, so it should be no biggie right? Finish in good time, my humble target.

Enjoy the rest of April!


  1. hehe. Yeah, it was actually thinking of exactly the same thing. Who should they be angry to when it is the course of nature they're talking about? it's like getting angry when it keeps raining for days and who do the get angry with? God? LOL! But then, i'm sorry for those who are stranded. Europe is one of the last places on earth that anybody would want to get stranded in. You pay big money for just breathing there. :-(

  2. JIPP - ya, that's the main grouse, $$$. Imagine being stranded in Heathrow with no GBP to your name and no assistance.

  3. and imagine being stuck in dubai and tokyo as some other travellers were. we had some staff stuck in london. i wouldn't have minded being stranded in that city ;)

  4. Yesssss I do not mind being stuck in London too!! :) Not at all.