Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food Trip : Tawau

A short post on my weekend in Tawau.

I didn't do anything there that is worth posting, did no touristy stuff. Except, makan! Tawau is definitely a heaven for seafood lovers; fresh and much much more cheaper. I can be very happy eating fish every day if the prices are like that in KK! I can't help but feel that those living on the east coast are so lucky in this sense, food prices are still very reasonable.

Here are some of the pictures that I managed to take:

Went to Sabindo for dinner. It was just after 8 pm and the place was packed to the gills. We had to wait a short while for a table. Went to Good View instead of Kam Ling or 101 mentioned in most guides cos the two are now considered ' tourist traps' by locals :).

Fresh fish - hmm don't know what it's called. Had it steamed with ginger and soya sauce, yummmmmmyyyyyyy over hot rice.

Fresh seawater prawns, steamed ("pak cho har"). Finger licking good!

The only vegetable I order when having seafood - Sabah Veg stirfried with garlic.

My favourite shellfish - in the bill it's always stated as Top Shell? I call it 'Tung Fung Lo', correct me if I'm wrong. Pull it out and dip into mustard, yummmmmminess to the max.

These are some happy prawns, prior to ... (someone's) happy stomach.

View of Tawau town, taken from Cafe@Seven, Promenade Hotel Tawau.

When in Tawau, must eat the famous Nasi Kuning, which I always enjoy. In KK, the best Nasi Kuning is at Kepayan.

Fish meehoon soup for lunch, 'ka liau' (extra). On the background is a half-eaten keratang fish fillet in black bean sauce, this dish is seriously droolworthy. My tastebuds were overjoyed!

Went to the Sunday market where all sorts of fresh produce and seafood were sold. Kind of like a mini Gaya Street. Look at how much the prawns cost.

My search for avocados got me here - RM6 for 1 kg. Of course I bought some.

Fresh prawns - RM15 per kg.

I don't think I can find any vegetable at 50 sen per bunch any more in KK.

That's all I'm afraid - next time I get to go to Tawau I'll play tourist, I promise; because there are actually many interesting places just out of the town area.


  1. Good thing about staying on the east coast of Sabah is definitely the seafood. But then,having too much of them, it's quite likely that you'd be awarded a GDL licence. Ohh, it's Gaut Datang Lagi if were curious. :-D

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  3. JIPP - yaaa the Big G attack after seafood.. I do not wish to find out how painful it is :)

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