Monday, April 12, 2010

Mi Biblioteca : April 2010

Was away briefly last weekend, will write about that next since I didn't bring my camera today.

Anyway, on my other hobby : books.

Am currently reading Theroux's Dark Star Safari, his journey overland from Cairo to Cape Town. Very detailed, and humourous at times, will see how long I take to finish this as the text is smallish, just under 500 pages. After that, I'm out of books to read, so next hunting session at the bookstores will be for these babies:
Maybe one or two more from Murakami.

This one in paperback, the 3rd in the Millenium trilogy.

This compilation from Murakami.

Haven't read Dahl in a long, long time. Need to revisit his darker works.

This caught my eye the other day, will check it out again.

I also want to try reading other authors - Jonathan Safran Foer, Chuck Palahniuk - to see if I like their works. I briefly read a bit of Jhumpa Lahiri's book and it was quite engaging.

Any other book recommendations?

Book hunting season is on, please let there be a booksale here soon!


  1. not quite familiar with all the authors above but the one 'The girl who kicked the hornets' nest' seems quite appealing.

  2. If you like fiction, you might want to try Jasper Fforde's books. Try The Eyre Affair first, the first book in the Thursday Next series.

    Do you like travel books? I highly recommend Peter Moore :D

  3. Jipp - Ya, I got hooked after the 1st book. I recommend that you read it (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, followed by The Girl Who Played with Fire).

    Nina - I've read one of Peter Moore's (The Wrong Way Home?) and liked it! :) will try and find his other books. Thanks for the suggestion!