Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running in Yellow - The Beautiful Run 2010

Three days to go!

Here's the race pack this year :

Bright yellow vest sponsored by DiGi.

Not much, it's okay with me cos I can understand how tough it is to get good sponsors these days. After all, the proceeds are for charity.

I really like getting the same eco-bag sponsored by Sabah Tourism! They look good when I go shopping for groceries, much better than the supermarket ones.

Am trying to get a running playlist in order, otherwise I'll just leave my ears naked :)


  1. Good luck Aud. I wish I could be there to give some support. Unlike last year, I don't see AirAsia's logo on the shirt this time. Luckily Digi comes in so I'm sure it'll still be as grand. Ohh, consider music to keep your pace up. :-)

  2. Thanks JIPP :) Yes I think I need the music!