Saturday, October 31, 2009

Travel Gear : An Update

Some months back I wrote about getting a few things for my travels.

So just an update:

(i) microfibre travel bath towel. Check. Got them in Singapore.
(ii) wide brimmed bush hat. Check. Got one in mossy green in Bako.
(iii) adidas kampung four stripes :). Check. Bought a pair in Kuala Penyu.

Changed my mind on :

(i) Combination locks because I found most of my little Tricircle padlocks that I can still use. Plus the good combilocks (TSA) I saw were pretty pricey and not within my budget.
(ii) Leech socks, because I'm just going to avoid leech-infested areas as far as possible. Easier, huh?

Oh and am definitely learning to travel light. So far I have only used my 38l backpack once, the rest of the time I rely on my trusty 28-30l backpack. I read somewhere that 3 pairs of every clothing is all you need for a trip, and I can't agree more. My back and shoulders will thank me for such light loads, especially when there's a lot of walking and moving around.

And yesterday I found and got a pair of binoculars, for my 'nature appreciation' outings.

So no more items on my shopping list, for now :)

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