Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project Alpha : Kenny Sia, The Travelling Marathoner Blogger

Hands up - those who don't know who Kenny Sia is.

Celebrity blogger? Marathon runner? And now, fitness centre entrepreneur?

I had the honour (?) of meeting - or rather, bumping into - him twice :)

The first encounter was at the Borneo International Marathon in KK last year, and then this year it was at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching. On both occasions, he was very friendly and obliging to small talk and such from blog stalkers like moi.

Took this pic of Kenny, view from the rear at RWMF 2009.

In Episode 7, Kenny the Shy One enjoys a massage session, cut short because he had to ...

So, in this Project Alpha that's currently running, he talks about not having a girlfriend because of the all the travelling that he does; which seems to be every other day from what his blog. I like to read his blog especially when he posts about his travels overseas (and for that reason I read Nicole too).

I say : haiya Kenny, very simple solution; bring your girlfriend along in your travelslah!

If not, I volunteer! As travel buddylah ... :P

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