Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mo' Money?

For those bitten by the travel bug, I think the ultimate dream would be to travel the world.

Preferably with all the time and all the money that is needed.

For most people, the dream gets a rude awakening when reality sets in, we have doubts ranging from 'I don't have the time' to 'I don't have the money' to may be even 'I don't think I can do it'.

I know I am one of them. Especially the $$$$ part.

It is timely then that I stumbled upon this wonderful article by Christine Gilbert, from Almost Fearless.com.

The best bits? She writes:

The problem is, as far as goals go, it’s almost impossible to achieve unless you’re willing to compromise something else. First, let me quickly tell you why more money and travel don’t necessarily go hand in hand

More Money = Less Time = No Travel

Don’t believe me? Ask anyone with a lot of money how much they travel. Then ask anyone who travels how much money they have. Retirees don’t count. Neither do lottery winners. How many hours per week do the people who make double your annual salary work?

And this:

Don’t spend as much. I know spending feels like a reward for all that hard work, but unless you get control of it, you’ll outspend your earnings, no matter what you make. Cut your spending in half and you just gave yourself a 50% raise.

She closes with this gem:

Make more money if you want, but don’t let it become more than it is – a means of exchange so you can buy back your life.

Reading this made me think a bit, and may be my food for thought for the next few days. I certainly do not wish to end up with more money but no life.

Will be away from tomorrow onwards to somewhere I had second thoughts of going to due to recent incidents.

*Fingers crossed* and God-willing, everything will be alright.


  1. Oohh i read it too auds...and i like this part:

    "You have to want to travel. You have to commit to doing it. The money thing, it’s just a thing, no more and no less than getting your passport or booking a flight. It’s a detail to be handled. It’s not going to give you permission to travel. It’s not going to change your life for you. Put it on the list, but keep it there. Make more money if you want, but don’t let it become more than it is– a means of exchange so you can buy back your life."

    I once told my sister that having so much or so little of money is really not an excuse for not being able to travel. It's really about having guts and knowing how to handle what you consider having less of or having more of and not making anything stop you from doing what your heart wants to do.

  2. Hi Debs

    What kills me is the fact that I was once stuck in the 'I have no time' zone. So now, I guess once in a while throwing caution to the wind is a very good thing! That plus 'redefining' my travel comforts :)

  3. Many people don't have money to travel because they must stay in 5-star hotels, eat in fancy restaurants and be chauffered around. They are not willing to leave the comforts of home and to rough it out during the duration of their trip.