Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Heads are Better Than One ? : Single Supplement Charge

I've started planning for the itinerary for a coming trip and am feeling a bit rankled by the extra charge for single occupancy.

Single supplement charge usually costs at least 50% more than a twin-sharing/double basis. So, the package I was quoted for costs RM200 per person if there were two persons, as I am travelling alone I'd have to pay an additional RM100.

Why oh why oh why? Despite being in the industry before, as a consumer I still can't get over this single supplement charge. I know how it works; it boils down to the costing per package or room, not per person.

I am not totally against this charge, however I think it should not be 50% extra. Hmmph. I'm just ranting; it won't go away, so I've got to grin and bear it.

I wish they could be more 'solo-traveller friendly'.


  1. Having to pay extra for a single room is indeed a bummer. That's why I always opt for dorms (if any).

  2. Hi Julie

    Yeah, it's dorms for me too. But I can't get out of 'minimum 2 pax' tour packages though. Grr.