Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's A Rat's Life

An excerpt from an email I just received:

The Rat - Forecast for 2010

The Year of the Tiger is going to be fast-paced for the Rat, which in itself does tend to make them slightly uncomfortable.

But it is essential that they go with the flow and seize opportunities and take adventures – this year is going to be important for them. A lot of Rats may have dreamt of travel in 2009 but were unable to take trips either due to financial or work commitments. This year will be so different! Travel will feature strongly for many and if there is dream destination in mind, it may become a reality during 2010.

Notice the word, travel? *BIG GRIN*


  1. Awwww!..nice.

    BTW, what did it say about dragons for 2010? does it have the word travel too? hehehe.

  2. Post lah the entire 12 zodiac animals ... Share share mah ...

  3. Hi Debs and Julie,

    Ehem, *due to popular demand* I've posted a note for the Horoscopes 2010 in Facebook and tagged both of you :) Enjoy reading!