Monday, October 5, 2009

Things That Make It Go 'Beep'

I know now which items I shouldn't wear when I'm travelling by flight.

With that I mean avoiding things that make the alarm beep as you walk through the detector. I don't like being patted down for the body search, so I avoid it as best as I can. Maybe I'm just a little paranoid on being searched, not that I have anything to hide :P

Based on past experiences, I found out that the buckles on my red and green belts trigger the beep, hence no more travelling for these two. As for footwear, I have yet to be asked to remove them as most of the time I am wearing my selipar. A friend who wore heels had to remove them when we went through scanning at Ngurah Rai airport in Bali as it made the scanner beep.

When going through the security screening, except for the boarding pass and ID, I chuck everything else into my hand carry or backpack, including the camera and handphone as I prefer to have everything scanned in one go. There was one time I forgot to take out my pedometer from my pocket, which raised a little bit of curiosity and a few questions, but after I explained its functions they let me go. Phew.

Heavy jewellery and body piercings can also cause the alarm to go off. Oh, and for the ladies, some underwire bras can trigger it too. However, TSA's website mentions that gel-filled bras are permitted through security clearance and aboard the aircraft.

I wonder how they detect those : the gel-filled bras?


  1. I was asked by the security to open up by backpack for a key chain which also function as a bottle opener

  2. Hi Borneo Falcon - did you have to surrender it? sometimes they are very strict.

  3. They did not confiscate it as it is harmless

  4. Hi, great post! Once I was told to unbuckle my belt when it made the beep. I suppose it all depends on the individual airport security procedures, some are strict while others might just let you off. Btw, why would anyone want to travel in heels? I normally stick to my flip flops or marie janes! Comfort first.

  5. The only one time I had to open my luggage was in Aug during my trip to the Philippines, but only because I had only one backpack with me, and everything (including my laptop) was stuffed inside! I also had to surrender my razor blades (for my shaver) and a bottle of sun oil and sun block each. I never had to open my luggage before, ever, so I thought Id get away with it but alas... all good things must come to an end!

    Dee, I always travel in thongs or flip flops too, but always chuck a pair of high heels in for the club scenes :-)

  6. Hi Dee - so far I haven't been asked to remove anything fortunately. Travel in heels? Some people would rather kill their feet than wear flats! :)

  7. Hi Charl

    Oh - I'd hate to surrender anything at the security checkpoint (apart from my drinking water). Post 911 when they started implementing strict measures, I remember being fuming mad because they took out my brand new camera batteries (AAA), which I promptly bought again once inside the departure hall!