Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Travel and Minor Heartaches

Travelling isn't always smooth sailing all the time. Unless you're really lucky.

After a while, having had my share of bad and unexpected experiences, somehow for me some have become almost ... expected. Let's see:

Flight delays - usually KUL-BKI
Made famous by Air Asia. Haha. Yes, it hasn't really happened that frequently to me, so far the retimes and delays have not affected my plans that much (touch wood!). Expect it, then one won't be too upset.

And there was one time my delayed flight landed really late at LCCT, and I reached Sentral too late (just minutes before midnight) to catch the last monorail service. I had no choice but to get a taxi to Bukit Bintang; getting one which wanted to go there on a Saturday night was already a challenge, and after much negotiation I agreed on a cut-throat RM20.00. Because he said he likes us Sabahans and Sarawakians because we are so polite and friendly and he has a Sarawakian girlfriend. Er, okay.

The Morning After ... Sleeping at the Airport
Sore shoulders and tired eyes and grogginess due to lack of sleep. Well, at least this will result in me falling fast asleep during the flight. Will not hesitate to do it again when necessary though.

Bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
The bus driver failed to inform us that it was not stopping at the bus terminal at Wat Bo area as we thought we would, but at its 'branch office' located after the airport road. Had to shell out USD2 for a tuk-tuk back into town. Then my pre-arranged driver was a no-show too. Double blow.

Excess Luggage
On three occasions, I had to get my bag to be checked in on the return flight home as it was overweight for hand luggage. Lesson : stop shopping! Or at least, plan ahead and pay for luggage allowances online as it'll save me 50%.

LAGS check
My half bottle of sunblock made it through in my hand luggage from KUL-REP, but not on the return flight because it was 125 ml. I thought it was 100 ml. Oh, half-full bottled water, which I always forget.

There were occasions when the condition and appearance of the rooms were slightly below my expectations. Nothing major though, which is why most of the time I prefer to book just one night first and scour around for other places for following nights.

I ran out of the rupiahs in Bandung and had to endure driving around in the weekend traffic jam madness to locate a money-changer that was still open at night. Crazy. Massive massive headache. Never again.

Actually they aren't too bad, I cannot remember anything that was really major. For every heartache there's probably ten or more good things that made me smile. Mostly from the kindness of strangers, and things that seem to quietly fall into place to make your day better.
One day I think I'll write about them too :)


  1. I had a similar experience with the LAGS check during my recent trip to Bali.

    Two tubes of my Banana Boat sunblocks (125ml per tube) made it through at LCCT. However during my return flight from Bali, both the tubes got confiscated despite me pointing out to the officer that the tubes were half used. So it's definitely less than 100ml each.

    It just goes to show that each airport has its own rules. Or maybe it depends on the officer on duty.

  2. Hi Julie

    Yes, some airports are very strict and go by the book. AirAsia recently started being very strict on hand luggage, but I observed that this one staff was discriminating. Next time I see him at LCCT I'd like to tell that to his face.