Saturday, February 6, 2010

LOMO Pics - UWS Superheadz

I like the last one best. These were taken during my trip to Sukau.

The rest of the pics were too dark. Learning through trial and error :)


  1. Audrey!!!

    God, I miss u!!! Virtually, hahaha!

    I've longed to own a lomo. Lomo gives out great effects on pictures. Where did you get yours? And how much does it cost?

    Btw, nice pictures!!!


    nad :)

  2. Hey Nad!

    Where have you been girl? ;) I got mine online, will email you the address ya.

    Thanks - still novice la :)

  3. random hopping from google to found out more about UWS and landed on this page.

    i had mine and already developed the film.
    just a few are okay and the rest are dark.