Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BackHome @KL

This is where I stayed last weekend; had wanted to check it out after Acat mentioned it and coincidently it's conveniently located near Central Market, where I could take the bus to Batu Caves.

I actually got lost for about 10 minutes because I exited from the wrong side of the LRT station. Haven't been to this part of KL for ages; it's been almost, what, 20 years? since the last time we used to hang around Kota Raya cos the bus to our college stopped there.

Anyway, moving on...

View of BackHome from the street. It's located at No. 30 Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. Less than 5 minutes walk from LRT Masjid Jamek.
The reception counter; open from 7 am to midnight.

Next to the reception is the lounge area, with TV, free wifi, two desktops for internet, bookshelf. The glass doors open to the al-fresco/airwell area. This is also where self-service breakfast is available in the morning; I didn't have breakfast here though. Coffee and tea is available FOC throughout the day.

This is how the open air area looks like.

402 : a female-only quad room where I was 'upgraded' to for the second night as one of the guests wanted to extend his stay in the mixed dorm and I was the only one who could move out. They write our names in on the door :) so you know which room you're staying in.

My bed in 402. Very very comfortable. No squeaky noises, solid and sturdy as it's purpose built; the top bunk is safe even for big people. My only grouse - no biggie - was that the pillow was too soft for me. Blankets and towels are not provided though, so you can rent them from the reception if you didn't bring any. Oh and if you're a light sleeper, bring your earplugs!

This was my bed in 801.

Each bed has its own power socket to charge your stuff with, reading light/night light, foldable writing 'desk' and lockable compartment. The personal reading light is really nifty as you don't need to switch on the main lights at night and disturb other roommates. All rooms are with air-con, no fan option. A good thing is they don't have what I call the 'air-con curfew' like in some places; you can have it on the whole day.

The lockable cupboard was spacious, it could fit an 85l backpack. And has proper shelves. No hanger rail though. Bring your own padlock or you can rent one from them.

Each room has its own sink and mirror, very convenient.

The other rooms on the first floor.

My favourite feature; the open corridor leading to the common toilets and showers.

It looks down to the open air/airwell area on the ground floor.

Common sink - looks like a trough :)

Toilet and shower stalls.

This is the shower.

You know what this is.

Gents, Ground Floor.

Ladies, Ground Floor.
His and Hers Sinks, Ground Floor.

Guest Book. I forgot to write in it ... duh.

I read somewhere that this kind of design - bare unfinished concrete, exposed brick walls, chalkboard doors, clean lines, starkness - is called 'industrial chic'. Which is really fine by me, though may be not to some people.

By the way, this hostel is owned by Ng Ping Ho. Who's that, you might ask? He's the director for the local English series Kopitiam and Ghost and maybe some other TV series, I am not sure. The pakcik jaga who's on overnight shift (at first he thought I was a Filipina) told me that on some nights Ping Ho will be on duty, and sometimes even Cheryl Samad will man the reception too. If you don't know who she is, never mind :)

For those of you who enjoy quirky budget places, check them out next time you're in KL.


  1. The place looks like a cross between a 2-star hotel and a backpackers joint. What are the rates like?

  2. Gosh I pass by this place almost every Friday on my way to BB!

  3. Hi Julie : Dorms start RM38, quads RM42 and doubles RM96. Check their website

    Ms Fab : (Hey you can comment already?) So this is your regular route? Maybe you were walking too fast dear :P

  4. Yup! Was surprised to see I could leave a comment. I did see a Caucasian walking out of the building, took a quick loom and thought, Oh, must be a new place. Can't heklp having to rush - am always late for office from Friday lunch!

  5. That place looks gorgeous! I can believe the dorm beds have such thick matresses! Definitely checking this place out if I go back to KL!

  6. Hi Nina,

    Yes, it's really worth checking out. And I think this will be my new place to stay when I'm in KL next :)

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  8. Hi there! We are a travel group and would love to link up. Let us know if its ok with ya.

    Check us out on facebook.