Monday, February 1, 2010

Kay El State of Mind

I was in KL for a few days last week, well, three days to be exact. And I actually managed to do a lot of things.

On arrival went to enquire at KTM at Sentral for a coming trip. Later after checking in my hostel, proceeded with my usual trips to Borders, MPH, Times and Kino. Found and bought 'Naked' by David Sedaris (my collection is almost complete), the rest of the books I wanted were not on offer sadly.

Went to Batu Caves late Friday night by bus - had to walk more than 1 km to the actual venue - and almost got crushed in the sea of thousands of people. The devotees and kavadi bearers started arriving after midnight, what a sight, especially those who were bleeding. Survival instincts kicked in for most people, as we pushed our way out towards the exit. Got back to the hostel at almost 2:30 am. Phew.
The one and only shot that was clear enough. Look at the steps, the people ascending looked like ants from afar.

Managed to whip out my camera to snap this before I got to jump away from his path.

And got my mehendi done :)

Went to Malacca on Saturday. Very very very hot day. These are my favourite shots.

Lovely sotong bakar that was sooo temptingly wanggiiiii and pedasssss. RM10 per packet, pricey but niceeeee.

Woke up 6:15 am on Sunday morning, queued for 2 hours to get Skybridge tickets. No one sold coffee :(. Reached KLCC at 7 am (I thought I was early, there were at least 80 people already there), counter opened at 8:30 am, got my tickets at 9 am.

Got up the Skybridge at noon...

The blonde girl is Ena from Germany (she just arrived in KL that morning) and next to her is Vannessa from Chicago; we stayed at the same hostel. I took extra tickets for them.

But before going up we had to endure a 7 minute 3D presentation on Petronas and the Twin Towers:P

After lunch at Nando's, spent the rest of Sunday afternoon shopping and window-shopping; 'damage' under control :)

All in all I felt it was a good yet tiring weekend, so I have to catch up with my sleep this week. Starting tonight. Right after this.

And oh, this time I stayed at this cool new place called BackHome. I like! Will write and post pics later.


  1. nice orang utan wall! Going up the Twin Towers was one of the things I wanted to do and did. Seeing Thaipusam is another. Funny how I never did it when I lived there for 6 years.

  2. I did the skybridge years ago when i was working in cousin who plays for the Malaysian Phil brought me up there and even sneaked me up very quickly into the elevator that goes till the last floor on top. It was fun until two security officers (they must've walkie-talkied each other after seeing the CCTV) stopped both of us on the way down and demanded our IDs. Fortunately, my cousin was able to show his Petronas Tower access ID and the officers let us go. Security is damn tight!

  3. Jason LT : You are not alone. Many of my KL friends have done neither. Just like me I've never set foot in Sabah's East Coast until late 2008. Weird human beings we are.

    Debs : Lucky you! (for getting to the top floor, and for not getting apprehended for security breach :P) The security screening made me feel like I was going through at the airport.

  4. The people who live at the foot of the mountain will be the last fellas to climb it. And I'm one of those guilty of it - I've been in KL for more than 10 years already but I've never been to Batu Caves and never been to the Skybridge :-)

  5. Julie : Haha, perhaps one day you will be inspired to go up the 272 steps and the 41 floors :)

  6. I was smuggled up to the skybridge by a mate who works there (this was during the days before the bridge was opened to the public). To my shock and horror, there was a guard there who came over and questioned us. My cool-as-cucumber mate must have given a satisfactory answer.

    My second time was when I attended a dinner at the Malaysia Petroleum Club. Very posh place!

  7. Ms Fab : Ooooh lucky otherwise you might have a criminal record for trespassing haha! Kidddddinnnggg. Read about and saw pics of MPC, posh posh indeed.