Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SHAPE Night Run 2010

My very short weekend in KL was for the SHAPE Night Run 2010, my 3rd event for the year.

Here's some pictures to tell the story :

Arrived just after 6 pm, via KLIA Transit and Nadi Putra bus. As expected, the atmosphere was kinda festive - music, booths, etc.

My first ever experience using a Portaloo. Claustrophobic! Just like on planes.

A clown doing what he does best - clowning around.

Goodie bags galore - pink for ladies, red for the men. As long as you finish you get one.

I wish I had them roller blades!

These friendly kids wanted to camwhore so I obliged :)

'Official' pic?

Waiting - not long afterwards they started the warm up session with instructors from True Fitness. The upbeat music was from BEP and we wound it down with Jason!

MCs - Jay, I-don't-know-who, and Ferhad. I think they ran the Fun Run 5 km.

Pole dancing! Thankfully more of the athletic kind, rather than the erotic ;P Crazy limbs. Very strong core.

No mantra this time (the ink wouldn't stick) so I had my pink ribbon instead.

Waiting in the pen.

Off we go!

Crossing the bridge towards the UFO-like PICC and around it.

The first marker I noticed. I don't know who that is, I just snapped a pic and ran on. And ran and ran and...then walked. From 4km onwards I adopted a walk-run strategy. The night was cool from a nice light breeze. We ran past buildings and bridges, no pics though.

One more!! It's so close already! We had to go around another building for the final 2 km. I was almost cursing.

Posing with my goodie bag and cert - didn't even bother to wipe my sweat, haha. Later I found that I was covered with a thin film of dust all over. Hmmm.

Impromptu 'friends'; took pictures and then they said 'See you next year!' and I said Penang! Penang! :) We laughed.

Goodie bag was okaylah - pink towel, pink razor, 6(!!!) small bottles of CLEAR shampoo, apple snack, Perskindol, TruDTox, a can of Revive, 2 granola bars, NTFlam, Rilax, vouchers (Kenko, LabSeries, Juiceworks, True Fitness, Mierica). Bottle of water and green apple after the race.

Good Things :
  • good accessibility.
  • goodie bag! :)
  • (warm) water stations every 2 km I think - but no isotonic.
  • good markers, traffic control, marshalls.
  • smaller crowd :)
Not So Good Things :
  • weird flag off. A non-event.
  • 'Aunty' doing part of the emcee-ing. Huh?
  • no cheering teams.
Overall I had fun and definitely want to be back next year!


  1. Hey you, well done! Did you bring a camera along on yr run? Just curious ;)

  2. AdekFAB : Thanks :)! Yeah I ran with my camera, not very good idea as my palms got sweaty later.
    Next year jom join me?