Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Know What I Did ... This Summer?

Hello :)

Lack of updates I know, as I've been staying put at home since returning from my Sibu weekend. No travelling plans till October so I've been spending time falling back into routine and also kicked off some personal projects that have been on my list for a long time.

So bear with me while I share with you my non-travel stories ya?

I've made the kitchen my second territory a lot more often now. Cooking is fun, especially when you don't go by the rules :) Two of my attempts which I remembered to take pictures of before I devoured them:

Green Papaya Salad, Som Tam.

Noodles soup deluxe.

Books - I tried reading new authors like Orhan Pamuk and Jonathan Safran Foer. And got my second Khaled Hosseini (wonderful writer!)

I had a Paul for years and didn't remember until after the World Cup!

Currently reading this. Eye-opening facts about our food.
In short : Eat Food. Not Much. Mostly Plants.

This is for later.

From the library.

Running/walking has taken a backseat in this prevailing bad weather (a convenient excuse, really) but I try to make it up by doing a lot more house chores and lifting my puny colourful dumbells. My motto - better than nothing :P

Recently we had the AirAsia Sale, MATTA fair here in KK as well as the various MAS promos. I just bought one ticket for next year, since in my case I really cannot take the risk of purchasing tickets on a whim anymore. I hope you guys got some good deals! And the ticket I bought hopefully will bring me to :

Resources from my local library.

Finally tried my green tea from Lao. Very fragrant.

My first taste of goat's milk; recommended for those who are lactose-intolerant. It works! So I can probably get my calcium intake from this.

And, this weekend I'll be busy with my new little project, codenamed "Tick" :)

Y'all have an awesome weekend ahead now ! :)

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