Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sibu : (Again) 2010

Who would've thought I'd return to Sibu again within a year of my last visit?

This time I was there to attend an old friend's wedding - which was very interesting as she is a Melanau and the groom is from Valencia, Espana.

To respect the privacy of the event I'm not posting their wedding pictures. There was a very merry entourage all the way from Spain comprising of the groom's family and friends; we dubbed them The Spanish Armada :). (they made a great batch of sangria, and not every Spaniard cares about futbol!)

Most of the time was spent catching up with old friends and you know what they say when you're having a good time - time really flies!

Aboard ATR72-500. MasWings. The last time I was on board this type of aircraft was to Mulu. There was probably about 15 of us on the flight from KK.

Refreshment. Very basic, really. Same thing on the way back, but the sandwiches were not nice.

After lunch we went to the river as they need to perform some traditional Melanau custom for the newlyweds. This involved putting together some soil, seven leaves and nails. This is a picture of the bride and groom.

Later we stopped by the Iban longhouse at Kg Sungai Aup for the benefit of the Spanish visitors.

We were welcomed by the Tuai Rumah; it was quiet as most of the occupants were out to town or were resting.

Posing at the window of the longhouse :)

After the longhouse we went to Taman Bukit Aup. I think I suffered from heatstroke and decided to stop just before the top of the hill summit. Gahhhhhhh. I was melting under the sun! No hat, no sunblock, no water --> I wilted very badly.

Sunday morning at the Central Market - look at these chickens for sale! All bundled snugly, and surprisingly well behaved.

Buah dabai - I kind of liked this the last time and bought some to bring back.

Didn't do much else and the next thing you know it's time to fly back. Bye Sibu!


  1. Only now I know dabai season is back. Been away too long. Really miss that delicacy

  2. It's an acquired taste I must say. I'm the only one who likes it :) and I can't even describe the taste.