Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"You Are The One Who Is Falling"

This from the BP spill in the Gulf Coast.

Maybe because we are not affected, we don't care much, or at all.

But imagine this in our backyard. That'll surely make us sit up and and take action. To a 'lesser' extent, we are facing our own 'spill' - that proposed coal plant in Lahad Datu. The EIA consultants can go audition for Keystone Kops or something.

No Coal Sabah's actual tweets from the EIA Panel meeting yesterday:

It has been pointed out that animal & bird species that do not exist in Sabah are in the EIA report! Consultant said, "I have to check".

"There is no risk on health of the communities" - calculated over 70 years. Actual statement from EIA experts slide!!

"Kg Sinakut, is d community which will have d most affect, IF ANY" says EIA Consultant Pararunding UKM. IF ANY, wake up so called experts!!

"Fish will not be significantly affected becoz they can swim away" says EIA EXPERT!! Wow!

Credit : mmccllcc. Song : "Falling" by Von Tilley.

"When hands are joined, no one can point fingers"
- Jason Mraz, xoxo.

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  1. LOL. Can't believe those are the comments from so-called experts. I was more amused than surprised. Hopefully whoever holds the key authority will gather some senses over this.