Saturday, July 24, 2010

Movie : Inception

No Spoiler Ahead.

Quote : 'Watching Inception is like striking a match and setting your brain on fire.'

I must say that this is a thoroughly enjoyable movie and actually made me go and read up on its own inception (heh). Written, directed and produced by Christopher Nolan ('Dark Knight'), development started ten years ago and he waited until he was ready for a big-scale movie and spent much time refining the whole project.

Yupp, you get superb quality when you don't do rushed-jobs :)

I was never a Leo Di Caprio fan, although I know his acting chops are excellent. I may just change my mind. The cast was perfectly cast (duh sentence), editing was superb I thought and there's none of those typical excesses in the script nor in the visual feasts.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur 'The Point Man', my favourite character. He also has some of the coolest scenes. I have a soft heart for geeks like that :) Nice to see him in a sci-fi adventure movie.

These scenes were wayyyy toooo coooool! Smoothly executed.

Anyway, don't take anyone's word for it - go watch!

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