Monday, July 19, 2010

Monk (Not The TV Show)

This is one of my favourite pictures. As in the ones I took myself.

At a glance, the monk looks like he's floating above ground. The phrase that came to my mind was 'the Lightness of Being'.

This one too. A monk in contemplation.

Just like the rest of us, sometimes :)

Location : Phou Si, Luang Prabang. May 2010.


  1. Oh wow. I like the first pic very much. The weirdly-shaped trees just add in so much on the pic.

  2. Good pics you have here! I like the first pic best! Did you ask the monks to pose for you, or were these candid shots?

  3. Jipp - it was indeed a very weird tree.

    Julie - The first one, he was actually posing for his own photographer; I took this one at a whim and he smiled later when he saw me doing that so I guess that's a permission :)

    The second one was candid. He didn't see me, maybe to deep in contemplation.