Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The World Through LOMO

I still am not convinced I should get myself an SLR a.k.a. fancy camera.

'Cos I'm (still) so untalented when it comes to using gadgety things like that. I only want one because I want good quality pictures, longer battery life and, well, something else to maybe complement my current p&s while on my travels.

In the meantime, as I remain indecisive, I actually moved along the opposite end of the spectrum and got myself these some time back:

A blue UWS (Ultra Wide Slim) from Superheadz.

An authentic used Russian-made Lomo Smena 8M. It even smells like Russia, kind of. I nicknamed this 'Gorby' :P.

These use 35mm films; remember those days of yore? (No? You can't be that young!) They're fully mechanical/manually-operated. No batteries needed. Just your thumbs and fingers. It's quite fiddly having to load and unload the film, haven't got the hang of it. And that you can't view the pic after you've snapped it was a major getting-used-to.

So far I have only used one roll of film, and now I need to get it burned on to a CD.

Wonder how the pics will turn out.


  1. I think that's great. Too many people with too big cameras these days thinking that they are on assignment for National Geographic. Personally, I prefer a small digital camera, one that I can slip in my pocket easily. Lugging a big camera around makes you stand out like a sore tourist.

  2. yupp. can't agree more with lostravels. I'd prefer small cameras. Doesn't make u stand out. Slugging your big camera would only create unnecessary attention.:-)

  3. Jason LT : And they're heavy on your neck, and shoulders, which I cannot stand.

    JIPP : You are right. In that case I need to master my camera functions.

    Thanks for the discouragement guys, I will put my wish to rest, for now :)