Monday, January 18, 2010


Last week I saw a live rafflesia for the first time at Poring Hot Springs, just behind the Conservation Centre.

I cannot remember the species (?), it could be R. keithii.

It was a cluster of four blooms, relatively small in size (I was expecting huge blooms okay); the freshest one being 3 days old. The blackened one on the left has died. They have a short lifespan of at most seven days.

It did not stink that much, in fact I could not detect any peculiar smell at all, or maybe I did not sniff hard enough? They're supposed to smell like decaying meat.

On the right side of the road just before the park, there is also another Rafflesia site that's owned by locals. I was told that it takes about 7 minutes walk.

Sadly the pictures don't do justice since I took them with my handphone. They were really red.

Another 'finally'.

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  1. u were lucky. I've never seen any of them before.