Thursday, December 31, 2009

How Many Watts Can We Illuminate?

Last year, I played the song Make It Mine to death throughout the new year and went back to listen to it whenever.

And promptly christened it my theme song for 2009 (yeah, I need one).

On Youtube I found this fresh new version from his Live On Earth album; a medley of the mellow The Sunshine Song, the upbeat intro to Traveler (how appropriate), and progressing smoothly into a jazzy Make It Mine.

Perfect sequence I thought!

One of my super-awesome highlights this year, amongst other things, was seeing Jason perform live in KL.

Maybe if I wish hard enough he'll come back to this part of the world soon soon soon :)

International green traveller and awesome wordsmith - JM.

Happy New Year dear friends! May 2010 bring you good health, Happyness, abundance, fulfillment and many many journeys of discovery.
Safe travels!

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