Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And This Is The Part Where You Pretend To Add Value

Because it's Christmas time (lame excuse, I know) and because there's no travelling story (yet!) from me, I thought I'd write about my other love - apart from travels and Jason - which is, books!

Just done reading this. Couldn't help but buy it the other day. Gladwell, the pop sociologist, really makes you think. Blink is still my favourite book from him.

Want List - I sat in the bookstore and read five chapters so far :). Barcelona! At the rate I'm going and provided they don't sell out, I may be able to finish the book before CNY. Haha.

Want List - because it's Dilbert, you know. And what a title; there used to be a time when I bought books purely based on the title. Does that mean I judge a book by its cover?

A BIG Want List - Calvin & Hobbes Box Collection. My piggybank collection is not yet sufficient for this purchase. One day one day one day soon.

Want List - to complete my JC collection. Brilliant wit. I watch Top Gear to listen to him, not for the cars.

Currently reading this from Murakami. I had planned to reserve this as reading material for my next trip but curiosity got the better of me. Am reading it slowly so it'll last till then. I am enjoying this book very much and it looks like the 'beginning of a beautiful friendship' aka a new collection :)

So now you know, when brown selipar is taking a rest, the girl burrows into her books and reads away ...


  1. I wanted to buy "What the Dog Saw", but didn't cause I'm still reading "Outliers". What's the book about?

  2. currently reading Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope".

  3. Hi Julie :
    It's a collection of his articles that he wrote for The New Yorker. I think some of them are available free-to-read on his website under Archive. Check out www.gladwell.com and see if you like them :)

    Hi Jason LT:
    Oh...that book has been a work-in-progress for months for me! Am stuck somewhere around Chapter 2 methinks. Must. Try. Again.

  4. I read "The Audacity of Hope" but gave up after 42 pages cause it's super boring. I think you need to be an American politician to understand that book.

  5. Hi Julie : You are right, it's hard to grasp, still very wellwritten though.

  6. Audacity of Hope is kinda boring, but I like his ideas and his idealism. We need more leaders like him.