Monday, June 29, 2009

My List of 28 Things - The Unedited, First Version

This was what I wrote some time back, perhaps just under a year ago. I didn't really give it much thought then, I wrote what I had on top of my mind at that time.

1. Mabul. Sipadan.
2. Tawau. Sandakan.
3. Learn to cook the perfect nasi lemak.
4. Read all Bryson. (ongoing)
5. Touch the stones of Borobudur. (planned)
6. Touch the stones of Angkor Wat. (planned)
7. Thaipusam at Batu Caves
8. Jason Mraz LIVE!
9. Run a marathon. (planned - half marathon first)
10. Travel solo.
11. Backpack travelling.
12. Learn a foreign language.
13. Get rid of credit card debt. (ongoing)
14. Healthy Eating. (ongoing)
15. Get Fit. (ongoing)
16. Write a column. or a Book.
17. RWMF, Kuching. (planned)
18. Read daily. 50 books in a year. (ongoing)
20. Learn to play the guitar - at least one song!
21. London 2012.
22. Sew something.
23. Grow own vegetables.
24. Step foot in all Malaysian states.
25. Borneo overland trip.
26. Volunteer.
27. Go green - recycle. reduce. reuse.
28. Take one photograph a day.

***29. See Jason LIVE again! (ecstatic and immediate addition after crossing out No. 8)***

Not so much of a life list like John Goddard's, more like what-I-want-to-dos for myself, at this point in life.

Of all the above that I've achieved so far, the one that I am most proud of?

My solo travels :). It is liberating.


  1. Interesting list! =) Keep it up.

  2. You want to see me live? That was my first thought. then I realized that you don't know me as Jason. :)
    What's RWMF by the way?

  3. Hi Dee - yupp, it needs a review/update though :)

  4. Hi LT - Hahaha! that deserves another ROTFLMAO. You're Jaysorn - sounds so Thai, no? :P

    RWMF - Rainforest World Music Festival, happening in Kuching next weekend :)

  5. Solo traveling IS liberating hey?

    And I love #28, the big photography fan that I am :)