Monday, June 22, 2009

Life List of An Adventurer

I used to be a To Do List person. Because I like lists.

I listed things, and get a high from crossing out items on them, especially those major, time-consuming things.

Not so now. I've stopped being too .. 'pedantic'? (I hate using the word 'anal') and am easier on myself.

Recent readings brought me to this man whom I have never heard of before this. But when I read his, his achievements are amazing! Funnily, he's not that well-known, even his Wikipedia entry is not comprehensive. Or maybe I'm the just that katak under that tempurung.

Have you heard of him : John Goddard?

He wrote his lifelist when he was 15, a list of 127 things he would like to do in his lifetime. There's like another 15 more or so to go. He sure does look old already, some sites list his birthyear as 1924/25.

What a list, what a list to achieve in one lifetime. May seem impossible but this man is close to achieving it. Not sure if he can still do Everest at his age, but hey, who am I to doubt him? In comparison, my aim to step foot in every Malaysian state suddenly vapourises into oblivion.

My own so called 'life list' done last year, is a little bit shorter at 28 items, and definitely not as adventurous and exotic. Heck I even have 'cook a perfect nasi lemak' there in my list!

Maybe it's high time for a thorough review.


  1. I have a list too. One of the items on my list is to travel to every country in the world. 25 down, 170 or so to go.

  2. Thank you so much for this!

    I am going on an adventure of a lifetime in Aug this year and will be away for a year and this is truly inspiring!

  3. hey aud!!

    i too had stike out some of the things that are in my to do list. And i do get high when i do that. One of it is to watch Jason perform live.

    Anys, like to know about you more.

    Kudos on having a blog dedicated to Mr. Sunshine Man (that's what i called JM)

  4. Hi LT - you know, that's a really inspiring plan,..I am far behind with probably 5 countries so far. Good luck with your list, and let me know when you're going to Turkey/Morocco/Spain; can I tag along? :)

  5. Hi Charlene - ooh am so happy for you ! (slightly green with envy too). All the best, am sure it'll be exciting times ahead. Keep in touch ya?

  6. Hi Nadzirah,

    My fellow Mrazian, and we 'meet' on his birthday. Must be a good sign, eh?

    Yupp, we need to petition for him to come back real soon.

    Would be happy to get to know you too :)

  7. AudMraz,

    When are you going to post your life list in this blog? I would love to read all 28 of 'em!

  8. I think we should all post our life lists here.


    I welcome you to join me on my travels with open arms. Haven't been to any of the countries you mentioned.

  9. Hi Julie

    My 28? hehe. I'll try to post that one soon.

  10. Hi LT

    Yes, it'll be good to share our life lists. Let's!

    Thank you! One day :)

    Aterrizaremos en nuestro destino muy pronto