Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot 'Summer' Travels

Been occupied with travel research and planning the past few days.

I've decided to be on the move for the next few weekends, and I suddenly realised, it seems like there's not enough weekends to go around. I counted, there's about 29 weekends left in the year, and I have made plans for 16, with at least one weekend in a month reserved for homebase. Reserved, for household chores and all that otherwise I might get kicked out :)

For now, it looks like June, July and August are good to go. And it's going to be the hot and dry season, last night's news said. Hail, El Nino : I thought he never left. I just worry it'll be hazy and dusty, and bush fires can happen. Just the other day some inconsiderate poop put a tree on fire near my house. A tree, can you believe it. I still don't get it.

Maybe we can pretend that summer's here. In our tropical climate.

So, boys and girls, make sure we have our sunblock, hats and shades for the hot sunny days ahead. I am not too keen on umbrellas, only for rainy days. Stay out of the sun if you can, between 11 am to 1 pm, when it's the harshest. Stay in the shade, where possible.

To keep a cool head : Stay hydrated. Get a bottle. Water is good for you. I love my Platypus.

Other than that, have a good summer, safe and happy travels! Enjoy!


  1. Wow is it really that bad, the heatwave? Hard to imagine when I'm covered in layer after layers of clothes here! I sure am going to miss winter when I arrive KL tommorrow night!

  2. Welcome back!Yes, we're hot in herre :P