Monday, August 10, 2009

A Rush of Blood

I am scared of heights.

But I think I can manage this:

Picture from Bridge Climb Sydney.

What an adrenaline rush it would be!

The highest point is 134 metres above sea level. Cost : AUD$188-$295, rather pricey. Choice of day, night, twilight or exclusive dawn climbs.

If I ever have the chance to do this, I think it would cure my height vertigo (acrophobia - I wikipedia-ed) for good. Right now, even looking down from three stories up makes me feel queasy.

Either this, or the Macau Skywalk. Or a bungy jump.


Whenever that will be.


  1. OOOhh, something i would definitely do, Auds. This is in my list too. After the bungy jump i did in Bali, i said and i also felt that i could now do any activity involving heights. I know there would still be butterflies fluttering about in my tummy, but i believe i now have the guts and all the courage and bravery to overcome all the 'gayat' feeling and just go for it. The Via Ferrata i'm doing in Sept would definitely challenge my courage once again as i heard there's one almost vertical section that you have to traverse through.

  2. Hi Debs, oh you are so so brave to have done a bungy jump! I wish and hope that I'll have my guts intact when I'm presented with the opportunity :)