Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot in Langkawi

The weekend was spent in Langkawi, the 3rd biggest island in Malaysia after our very own Banggi and the somehow little known Betruit in Sarawak.

I'm afraid I won't be singing praises for the island yet; well at least not after one trip. Maybe after all that I've read about Langkawi perhaps my expectations were higher. Oh, and it was uncomfortably hot and humid, I wilted badly. Melted, more like it.

Anyway, if there is one reason for anyone to come here, it is for the Cable Car ride at the Gunung Mat Chinchang and the Curve (sic) Suspension Bridge.

The mountain's rugged ridges are a sight, it should be the island's icon instead of the eagle.

Looking dizzyly down.

Looking up to the ridges.

I survived the cable car ride, meaning I did not pass out or throw up, although I must admit when the car shook my heart lurched to my mouth. Me in my panic look does not a nice picture make.

There's the bridge.

It was blazing hot, but this would make a cool place for some cocktails.

I amused myself by taking pictures of some of the signages :

Yes, of course I will relax and enjoy the 'sceneries'.

I wish they'd gotten someone to proof-read this first.

Pretty high up I must say.

It says 'emergency assembly point'. Huh? On the platform?

One Fine Day....

The papers inside were yellowing, meaning...

After the ride, I decided to attempt the short trek to Telaga Tujuh, failing not-so-miserably actually as I was beaten by the really hot sun I almost fainted. I guess I was pretty dehydrated due to my excessive perspiration that made me look like I just had a shower with my clothes on. I turned back after deciding that I really did not want to faint alone in the middle of nowhere.

The steps which seemed to go on upwards forever!

This stone is a only mere 550 million years old...

Now this Dropstone is 1 billion years old. I kid you not.

Not wanting to risk a heatstroke, I was not too keen on the island's other listed attractions so the rest of the time I stayed put in the coolness of my room at Geopark Hotel, napping, reading and watching TV :). Bliss. My room overlooked the cable car platform and line, its whirring sound like clockwork every now and then; a kind of weird soothing sound.

A view of the ridge from Geopark compound.

Bored brown selipar in Kuah.

A quick visit to the Dataran Helang. It's bigger than I thought. Look at the kids.

There wasn't much anything to see in Kuah, I think Labuan has much more to offer in terms of duty-free stuff. Pantai Cenang looked like a smaller, milder, wanna-be version of Patong, I thought. On the day I left there was a strike by the taxi drivers. All the kereta sapu must have had a field day with the business of ferrying tourists around.

So Langkawi did not charm me much sadly. Perhaps another time, when it's cooler.


  1. I actually kinda liked Langkawi, especially the beaches! Much cleaner than the ones you can find in KK anyway.... I spent like 80% of my time on the beach when I was there in May haha. Such a beach baby!

  2. Hi C,

    I think the heat got to me; I felt drained out!
    Next time :)