Thursday, August 6, 2009

Culinary Cravings a.k.a. Makan Travels

There was once this programme called The Woman Who Ate Scotland on Channel 703, where the host goes around the country on her bicycle in search of its culinary delights.

By the way, Scotland is not really that well-known for its cuisine, (I can't name a dish, apart from haggis and .. er, Scotch Whisky?) however there are some interesting hidden treats there. I've tried an authentic haggis before and it was alright. Maybe the texture puts some people off.

Anyway, I only managed to catch bits of the series when it was on air, enough to give me some inspiration on things to do during my travels.

So I'm thinking, in planning for my Tour de Malaise, that I should eat my way through the Peninsular, savouring each state's delights.

This is how it looks like at this moment . (x) denotes have been tried.

Johor : Mee Rebus Johor

Melaka : Chicken Rice Balls(x)

Pahang : Murtabak Mengkasar.

Terengganu : Keropok Lekor, Nasi Dagang.

Kelantan : Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Tumpang.

Perlis : ??

Kedah : ??

Perak : Ipoh Hor Fun.

Penang : Oh, this is very difficult. Although I have been to Penang and enjoyed all its hawker fare, next trip I'm going specifically for these : Char Kuey Teow with duck egg at Ping Hooi Coffeeshop; Nasi Kandar at Kedai Kopi Tai Min; Mummy Otak at Kim Lee Coffeeshop. And many more to be discovered. Soon.

KL : Mee Rebus Rosli at Jalan TAR.

Negeri Sembilan : ??

Sorry I have not found out what some of the states have to offer, hence the question marks. Any other must-eats or must-trys?

I'd like to be The Girl Who Ate Malaysia :P


  1. Perlis: Ikan Bakar/Mango Harum Manis
    Kedah: Kedah Laksa
    Negeri Sembilan: Seremban Siew Pau?
    Perak: so many, so many. Popiah is my favourite

  2. LT - oh ya, how can I forget the popiah :)Thanks for the suggestions, I shall take note of them food.