Monday, July 20, 2009

Travel Buddy - Part 1

Some time back I pondered on the criteria for the 'perfect' (is there such a thing?) travel buddy.

During lunch just now, some thoughts crossed my mind and I thought I'd make a quick post before I forget.

I've discovered a lot about others as well as about myself during the past travels.

My idiosyncrasies (in no particular order):

* Waiting too long is not enjoyable thing, unless there's an absolutely valid reason. Where possible, please let me know if you decide to wake up late/take a longer nap/etc so I need not wait.

* Insisting everything is perfect can be irritating; not all places have their maps/ signboards/information in order or updated. We can just ask :)

* Doing nothing can be just as enjoyable. We do not have to cram every thing into the itinerary. Just sitting there and looking out to the horizon is also time well-spent for the soul.

* I can understand taking pictures is a must; but trying to take 20 perfect snaps of the same thing is time-consuming and zaps the fun out from the experience.

* Getting lost is part of the adventure. No explanation needed here.

* When it comes to eating, please eat anything you want. And sometimes when I don't feel like eating, I'll let you know; please don't feel bad about me not eating. Oh and if you're hungry and I am not (and vice-versa), let's tell each other openly. Nothing is worse than arguing about and over food. And, also if I feel like having something else, please understand; we do not have to eat the same thing/at the same place.

* Last minute changes can happen, so we learn to accept and improvise our plans. However, if you do know that you wish to do something else, have the heart to let me know earlier so I can make my own plans too.

* Budget-wise, let's agree in advance to go Dutch. Although I assume we won't be so calculative as to split bills to the nearest cent, let's make sure that we won't have any issues about money. If I am feeling generous and want to buy you lunch/an ice cream/anything, I will let you know.

* I won't place too high expectations on cleanliness, yet at the same time please at least be neat and respect common facilities and personal space.

* We watch each other's backs, okay?

Other than that I think everything else is fine.

Oh - one last thing, please let me know what you allow me to do if you snore too loud :)

(The above list is neither final nor comprehensive at this stage. Expect new entries as my travels plod along)


  1. Nice one Aud.

    Its very hard to find the "perfect" travel partner.. I once had the misfortune of traveling with a girl that thought she was just too "prim" for whatever "adventure" I suggested (read: "oh but my hair, my nails, my shoes!") it was impossible not to feel like tearing your hair out. Needless to say, she is now on the bottom of my travel buddy list.

    PS: Yup, I moved addresses :-) C

  2. Hi C, (there can never be too many bugs :))

    You had a travelling Diva ;)

    I can understand what you mean. I once had someone who didn't want to eat fish soup in a deluxe 5-star hotel because "Oh, I don't know if they cleaned the fish properly or not..sometimes it's dirty, you know"

    Grrr. Btw, the fish soup was out of this world and I slurped away :D

  3. A girl whom I travelled with to Bali refused to sit on the sand on Kuta beach because she didn't want to mess her white pants!

  4. Hi Julie

    Aiyo, I still don't get it - how some people are so affected with how they look while on holiday. Kind of like those people who try on sunglasses ON their head rather than wearing them, because how they look when it's on their heads is more important?

  5. haha. I like this blog post of yours here most. They all seem to be just the perfect reasons why i'd rather travel solo.

  6. I am planning to visit banggi once again for it s already almost 10yrs ago i came twice.

  7. I am planning to visit banggi once again for it s already almost 10yrs ago i came twice.